5 natural remedies against ants

How to throw ants off? Try using these 5 simple natural remedies to say goodbye to this super annoying but not unstoppable insect!

We’ve combed through the web and have found several solutions which could doubtless be useful. Here we show you the most effective solutions against ants.

Talcum powder

One of the most popular way to throw ants off is talcum powder: in fact, this is extremely harmful and you just need to spread it nearby the camper, the caravan or in the pitch tent in order to prevent their proliferation.
You can also follow the “black row” until their nest and throw them off definitely.


Ants has a very sensitive sense of smell thus, strong smells are a valuable repellent to push them away. Vinegar can certainly get ants away but actually its smell can be sometimes a nuisance.


Mint is a more pleasant smell than vinegar but actually unbearable for ants. Anyway, its dried leaves can be spread only inside the caravan / camper, in fact, if put them outside can be blown away by wind.


Another effective remedy is a blend with a basis of lemon. A spray bottle with water, essential oil, lemon and bicarbonate is needed.


As far as we are concerned, honey is the most original way, as well as the simplest, to throw ants off. What you need is just few honey pots to get the ants attention and …trap them!

These are several solution we consider to be effective and interesting too. Do you know others methods and you want di suggest them to others camping guests?
Write them in the comments section here under! 🙂

Published on: 4 June 2015  -  Filed under: Tips and Tricks

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