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High Season 2020

Mid-august in Sardinia

Here you go, you made your choice. Your holiday destination in August is Sardinia. A lot of seas, but not only: mid-august in Sardinia means get lost among flavors and traditions of the Ogliastra!

High Season Prices List (Mid-August 2020)

From 1 to 25 August 2020

The season pinnacle has just come. The High season period coincides wth Mid-August: a festivity intensely awaited for taking a well-deserved rest, being among people as well as enjoy the carefreeness of being on holiday.
In August, our camping entertainment will make your holiday funnier. If you want you can also relax two steps away from the sea or go find out the stunning hinterland of the area.

From 1 to 25 August. If this is the season period you have chosen to spend your camping holiday, here under you find the prices list should suit your needs.


The Ogliastra is characterized by many small villages that conserve a huge heritage of traditions and local flavors. Visiting these small villages during the mid-august will certainly enrich your holiday, by leading you to discover a land made of heavenly beaches, an amazing sea and much more.

Mid-Augusta at the Iscrixedda Camping to savor the Sardinian traditions

It was 1052 when the Navarra Princess escaped from a shipwreck by taking refuge in the small Baunei beach. As sign of gratitude and devotion, a little church dedicated to Saint Mary was made built by the Princess (in the picture).
That’s how the small town of Santa Maria Navarrese was founded. Santa Maria Navarrese – which is located a few minutes away from the Iscrixedda camping – during summer, and especially in August, becomes the main tourist center of the Ogliastra area.
Over the years, this small town, in August becomes a tourist hub for many people who wants to curiously discover local manufacturing, courses and traditions.