Children Entertainment

Camping in Sardinia with children entertainment

No boredom at the Iscrixedda Camping! Children entertainment brings harmony and lot of amusement throughout the day!

Camping focuses its attention on the youngest guests by arranging different activities such as: warming up, beach games, water aerobics, baby-dance.

N.B. The Camping Iscrixedda entertainment service is provided from 15 june to 15 September.

Fun for all, adults too. Zumba and others kinds of dance such as the Latin are some of our strong points. Therefore, guests who are going to stay at the Camping Iscrixedda will not idle their holiday away: we are equipped with playing fields (soccer, volleyball) so that our guests can spend their time having fun all days.


Camping Entertainment Plan

MORNING 10.00 Meeting at Mini Club and warning up
11.00 water aerobics
11.30 Beach dances
AFTERNOON 16.00 Meeting at Mini Club
17.00 Daily tournament
18.00 Dances
18.30 Fitness
EVENING 21.30 Baby Dance
22.00 Camping Show
22.30 Party Dance

Published on: 3 February 2016  -  Filed under: Camping services