Summer holiday in Sardinia: why choose Ogliastra?

The Ogliastra is a small portion of Sardinia. It is touched by the Tyrrhenian Sea eastward and protected by the Gennagentu mountain range westward.
For this reason, it is considered the “Isle” of the Isle: its natural borders define a harsh land but, at the same time, rich with places to go. Let’s find them out.


Visitare Cala Goloritze (Ogliastra)Cala Goloritzé (Baunei)(Photo Credit)


Coves and beaches to visit in Ogliastra

The Ogliastra shore, which covers from the municipality of Tertenia until the Lotzorai and Santa Maria Navarrese beaches, has lots of different types of seacoasts: you can’t forget the wide beaches of the Arbatax gulf and the little bays of the Orosei Gulf that are acknowledged by all as an heaven of Earth.

The Orosei Gulf’s bays

Within the Baunei shore are located: Mariolu Bay, Seagulls Bay, Goloritzé Bay, Biriola Bay, Sisine Bay, Moon Bay. Bays, except for Goloritzé, can be visited thanks to the nautical service provided by the New Shipping Consortium Ogliastra. Goloritzé bay, well known for its clear sea, is reachable by walking down a stunning but tiring path from Point Caroddi: anyway, efforts will be paid back once visitors will be in front of this amazing natural scenario!


Most academics think that the name “Ogliastra” comes from Agugliastra (the italian word “aguglia” or “guglia” that means “peak”), a huge limestone, 128 meters tall, which overlooks the Perda Longa (or Pedra Longa) sea, in the southern part of Orosei Gulf.
Another thesis links the name “Ogliastra” to the word “ozastru”, “ollastru”, “ollastu”, terms that refer to high number of wild olives (“olivastro”) within the area.


Arbatax Gulf’s beaches

The Ogliastra shore is almost 90 kilometers long and includes, in the south, beaches of the municipalities of Tertenia, Cardedu, Barisardo, Loceri, Tortoli, Lotzorai and Santa Maria Navarrese.
The Ogliastra coast provides a wide variety of seas and beaches: from the deep water of Museddu (Cardedu) to the thin sand of the Orrì’s beaches. There is a little something for everyone! 😀

The northern part from Arbatax covers 5 kilometers of beaches, between the Capannina and the little beach of Santa Maria Navarrese (where is located the beautiful Saracen Tower) visitors will discover the sandy shore of Lotzorai (S’isula Manna) and the Roses Shore – famous for the amazing view on the Ogliastra Islet – that splits into Iscrixedda beaches (from here derives the camping name), Is Orrosas, Pollu and Tancau. (Source:

(Photos Credits: Perda Longa, Cala Goloritzé, Cala Luna,Silana, Ovile.)


Trekking and Excursions in Ogliastra (Baunei)

However, Ogliastra can’t be told just mentioning its seas and beaches, it would be incomplete and unfair.
Ogliastra nurtures its traditions in unspoiled places so far, within an hinterland that stands out for its harsh nature and its unique flavors.
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The territory internally reaches the Gennargentu park, passing through the Ogliastra’s Heels until the Baunei Supramonte and Su Gorropu where Hiking and Trekking activities are strongly recommended to discover every hidden place.
It’s indeed by entering to inland areas that you can find out and appreciate customs, traditions, village festivals (such as the Santa Maria Navarrese mid-august), local handicraft and dishes of Ogliastra.

The strong connection between sea and mountain gave value to the Baunei’s territory. In fact, it offers to free climbing and hiking enthusiasts amazing paths that overlooks the sea, peaks for climbing, stunning panoramas of the Ogliastra shore.
One of the most challenging path is doubtless the one that begins from Irbidossili and arrives to Portu Pedrosu.
You can try to grasp the tradition reading a book. It is hardly possible to guess the fascination by looking at a photo. Nothing is more priceless than discover it with your own eyes.
The many awards (one among all, the nomination as a UNESCO World Heritage site of Cala Golorité) and its undeniable beauty made the Ogliastra best known abroad but this land still hides so many stories and so many fascinating places that it is ranked among worth visiting places in the world!

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