How to get rid of ants? Use 5 methods

How to get rid of ants?Use these 5 simple natural remedies to say goodbye to this annoying but not unbeatable insect!

We scanned the web and have found some solutions that will certainly come in handy. Here we recommend the remedies that we believe are the most effective against ants.

Talcum powder

One of the most popular natural remedies against ants is talcum powder: it is harmful for ants, and prevents them from settling: just shake some out around the camper, caravan or pitch.Using talc you can also follow the black line drawn by the ants right up to their den in order to eradicate them permanently.


Ants have a very sensitive sense of smell and strong smells are useful for keeping them away. Vinegar can certainly ward off our little enemy but its smell can be annoying for us too, at least initially.


Mint, on the other hand, has a more pleasant smell but still repels ants. However, dried mint leaves can only be scattered inside campers and caravans: if placed externally a gust of wind could blow them away.


Another liquid remedy for fighting ants is a lemon-based mixture. You need a spray container with a mixture water, essential oil, lemon and bicarbonate. (source:


We think using honey is the most original and the simplest way to get rid of ants Indeed, it is enough to arrange jars containing a little honey to attract the ants and … trap them!

These are just some of the solutions we found to be interesting and effective. Do you have any other method to recommend to campers? Go ahead and write it in the comments below!


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